artistic direction

Victor Hugo Pontes

Teatro-Cine Torres Vedras
Torres Vedras
12 de Abril 2024

Sexta, às 21h30

“Bantu” designates a family of languages spoken in sub-Saharan Africa: it is identity and it is community. Bantu designates more than a linguistic occurrence. It could be: a specific language that survived the imposed European languages; an identity mechanism; a sign prohibited to the colonizer; a form of communication, full of cultural, historical, religious, and political codes; the ephemeral materialization of a long encounter. The word “Bantu” embraces everything we want or imagine the Bantu show to be. What Bantu will be, however, is in the eye of the beholder. This is also a place that we wish to occupy: a different place for each of the bodies that inhabit it, shared in the wounds it tears, staggering on the path it follows; an exuberant place celebrating the community gathered on stage.

From the language we speak we see the world that fits us. It turns out that, from the different geographies to which we belong – in a country or in a theater –, we have different perspectives of the same world, and so we will not be able to speak the same language, nor see the same things, nor reach the same places. Bantu follows the opposite path and finds a language devoid of words, a language transformed into sharing and identification: it is not a universal language; it is a possible language. Bantu is a path to be traced, and the journey is made between two countries with complex affinities and deep memories of each other.

Victor Hugo Pontes

Bantu originated in an invitation addressed to Victor Hugo Pontes by Estúdios Victor Córdon and Camões – Centro Cultural Português in Maputo, for the development of a new dance creation with Mozambican and Portuguese performers. EVC and Camões – Maputo are partners in a joint program for three seasons, which aims to create bridges between Portugal and Mozambique, and promote the circulation and internationalization of dance. Bantu results from this partnership.







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