UNÍSSONO - Composição para cinco bailarinos | © José Caldeira


Unison - Composition for five dancers

Victor Hugo Pontes

Teatro Micaelense - PARALELO Festival de Dança
São Miguel
28 de Setembro 2019


In Unison – Composition for five dancers – I aim to show how, on the one hand, that no artistic object can be separated from those who perform it, and, on the other hand, that no artistic event can truly be replicated, that they all are, in essence, unique. Five dancers, forming a predominantly-male group – four men and one woman – perform a choreography in unison. The dance composition may represent a ritual, which is an essential concept in this piece: in societies (both human and animal), the core movements, be they symbolic or functional, are ritualized, defining from the start what is normative and what deviates from the norm, defining standards and innovation, trends and counterculture. The question is: to what extent are rituals representative? Do five dancers performing ritualized movements unison on stage become one single body? Does their individuality fade? Is the viewer’s perspective formed by the harmony of the ensemble, by the specificity of each body in action, or by both?


Victor Hugo Pontes

Centro Cultural do Cartaxo - Festival Materiais Diversos
3 de Outubro 2019


Margem” [Margin] takes inspiration from Jorge Amado’s 1937 novel, “Captains of the Sands”, which portrays a group of abandoned children and teenagers living on the streets of São Salvador da Bahia, stealing to eat and sleeping in a warehouse by the docks where, as a kind of family, they watch over one another and survive one day at a time.







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