OS TRÊS IRMÃOS | ©José Caldeira


Os Três Irmãos
Artistic Direction

Victor Hugo Pontes

Centro Cultural de Macau
18 de Maio 2024

Sábado, às 19h45

Victor Hugo Pontes puts on stage three performers imagined by the writer Gonçalo M. Tavares for this new creation. Abelard, Adler, and Hadrian are The Three Brothers: when they meet in that non-place, they look for the trail of their parents, mark their absence with chalk, wash each other, eat together at the table, carry each other's bodies in ritualized sacrifice, carry each other on their shoulders, live on the run, play the dangerous game of meeting the past. Abelard,  Adler, and Hadrian try to ground themselves and survive each other's existence, even if it has been drilled through, rolled up in a bundle of clothing, transported in a wheelbarrow.







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